Draw a Cartoon Puppy 6

Step 6: Draw a big dot in the middle of each eye for the pupils. Add a tiny circle inside each eye to represent glare.


Draw a Cartoon Puppy 7

Step 7: Draw another thick, curved line above each eye for the eyebrows. These lines should also droop down the sides a bit.


Draw a Cartoon Puppy 8

Step 8: Under the nose, draw a long, curved line for the top part of the mouth. Add two tiny lines on the sides for the cartoon puppy's smile lines.


Draw a Cartoon Puppy 9

Step 9: Under the mouth, draw the tongue as a shape that's similar to a heart with a rounder bottom.


Draw a Cartoon Puppy 10

Step 10: Draw the sides of the mouth and the bottom lip as curved lines on the sides of the puppy's tongue.

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