Draw a Cartoon Puppy 11

Step 11: Draw the top of the head above the eyebrows as a curved line. Add some spikes for the fur.


Draw a Cartoon Puppy 12

Step 12: Draw the cartoon puppy's ears on the sides of the head using a series of curved lines. First draw a short curved line next to the head. Then add a longer line similar in shape to the letter V for the actual ear. Add the ear on the other side the same way.


Draw a Cartoon Puppy 13

Step 13: Draw the sides of the puppy's head as curved lines that start at the ears and end at the bottom lip. Add a few curved spikes along the way for a furry look.


Draw a Cartoon Puppy 14

Step 14: Draw the body as a few curved lines under the head. Add some curved spikes to the line at the bottom for the fur.


Draw a Cartoon Puppy 15

Step 15: Add the front leg on the left by first drawing a couple of straight lines under the cartoon puppy's body. Then draw a wide curved shape at the bottom for the paw. Inside the paw at the bottom, ad two curved lines to separate the toes.

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