Draw a Cartoon Puppy 16

Step 16: Draw the front leg on the right the same way. First draw the short leg, then the wide foot and then the toes at the bottom.


Draw a Cartoon Puppy 17

Step 17: Draw the hind legs on the sides of the puppy's body by first drawing a curved line on the left side. Then add the paw with the toes at the bottom using curved lines. Draw the hind leg on the right side the same way. A series of curved lines for the top of the leg, the paw and the toes.


Draw a Cartoon Puppy 18

Step 18: Draw the tail on the left side using a few short lines.


Draw a Cartoon Puppy 19

Step 19: Add a small circle under the tongue for the dog tag. Add a couple of curved lines under the head for the cartoon puppy's collar. That's it! You can stop here for a sketchy look or continue for a more finished look.


Draw a Cartoon Puppy 20

Step 20 (optional): For a more finished, inked look, carefully draw over the lines with a pen or marker.


How to Draw a Cartoon Puppy

Final Step (optional): Once the ink dries, get rid of every pencil mark with an eraser. Color your drawing any way you want! I used dark brown for the ears and eyes and regular brown for the rest of the body. The nose is black, and the muzzle and paws are light brown. The mouth is dark red, the tongue is pink, the color is red, and the dog tag is gray.

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