Draw a Cartoon Cat 6

Step 6: Draw the cartoon cat's nose as a tiny upside-down triangle between the eyes.


Draw a Cartoon Cat 7

Step 7: Under the nose, draw a line with two curves for the cat's mouth. The shape of the mouth is similar to the number 3 on its side.


Draw a Cartoon Cat 8

Step 8: Draw another short curved line under the mouth for the cat's chin.


Draw a Cartoon Cat 9

Step 9: Draw the top of the head high above the eyes as a curved line. Add some spikes for the cartoon cat's fur.


Draw a Cartoon Cat 10

Step 10: Draw the ears on the sides of the cat's head. The shapes of the ears are similar to triangles with curvier sides. The ears should be very big. Try to make both ears the same size.

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