Draw a Cartoon Cat 11

Step 11: Draw a curved line inside each ear to give it more structure. Add a few short spikes at the bottom of the ear for the fur at the base.


Draw a Cartoon Cat 12

Step 12: Draw the sides of the cartoon cat's head by first drawing a line under each ear. Then add a few short spikes on each side to indicate the fur. Finally add a curved horizontal line on each side for the bottom part of the cat's head.


Draw a Cartoon Cat 13

Step 13: Draw the cartoon cat's body by first drawing two vertical lines under the head. Then draw a few spikes way below the head for the bottom of the chest.


Draw a Cartoon Cat 14

Step 14: Draw a few more spikes under the cat's head to complete the shape of the chest.


Draw a Cartoon Cat 15

Step 15: Draw the front leg on the left side as two lines under the chest. Then add an arc under the lines for the cat's paw and two lines within the paw for the toes.

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