Draw a Cartoon Cat 16

Step 16: Draw the front leg on the right the same way. First two lines under the cat's chest. Then the arc for the paw and the lines for the toes.


Draw a Cartoon Cat 17

Step 17: On the sides of the cartoon cat's body, draw the top part of the hind legs as curved lines. The shapes should be similar to the letter C and a backward letter C.


Draw a Cartoon Cat 18

Step 18: Draw the cat's hind paws as curved lines under the legs. Add the toes as two lines inside the paws.


Draw a Cartoon Cat 19

Step 19: Draw the tail as a couple of curved lines on the right side (or left if you want) of the body.


Sketch a Cartoon Cat 1

That's it! You can stop here for a sketchy look or continue for a more finished look.

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