How to Draw a Skull


Use the video and step-by-step drawing instructions below to learn how to draw a skull.



Draw a Skull 1

Step 1: Draw two curved diagonal lines for the top part of the skull's eyes. The curved lines should curve up like a hook in the middle. Sketch lightly at first to get all the shapes right and pause the video to draw at your own pace.


Draw a Skull 2

Step 2: Draw another curved line under each diagonal line for the bottom part of the skull's eyes. The eyes should be pretty symmetrical but it's okay if they're not exactly the same.


Draw a Skull 3

Step 3: Draw a curved line above each eye for the bony structure of the brow. These lines shouldn't be long enough to meet in the middle, and they should curve down on the sides a bit.


Draw a Skull 4

Step 4: Draw the nose under the eyes, in the middle. The shape of the nose is similar to an upside-down heart. Add a little spike that points down at the top tip of the skull's nose.


Draw a Skull 5

Step 5: Under the nose, draw the two front teeth. Try not to draw them too close to the skull's nose. Start with a couple of lines similar to an upside-down letter T, then add the curved tops. The shape of each tooth should be similar to a triangle with a rounded top, like candy corn.

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