Draw a Skull 6

Step 6: Draw the skull's teeth on the sides of the front teeth using the same shapes but smaller.


Draw a Skull 7

Step 7: Now draw the skull's canine teeth on the sides. These teeth should be a bit bigger and pointier at the bottom. You can draw yours pointier if you'd like.


Draw a Skull 8

Step 8: Draw two more teeth on each side. The shapes of these should be the same as the front teeth, flat bottoms and rounded tops. Skulls have more molars, but they're hiding behind the first set, and it'll look too crowded if we add any more.


Draw a Skull 9

Step 9: Draw long curved line on each side for the cheekbones. These lines should go from the last tooth, then curve outward and should almost touch the skull's brow line at the top.


Draw a Skull 10

Step 10: Draw a big, long dome-like line at the top for the head. First indicate how tall the head will be with a short line. Then add the sides of the head. The top of the head should be high up. Try not to draw it too close to the eyes. You can actually stop here if you just want the top of the skull.

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