Draw a Halloween Pumpkin 6

Step 6: Draw the final bottom set of curved lines at the bottom too. Try to make the curved lines at the top and bottom match up as you draw the pumpkin's ridges.


Draw a Halloween Pumpkin 7

Step 7: Draw two long curved lines on the sides for the jack-o'-lantern's outer edges. Remember to sketch lightly at first to get the curved shape of the line right. Darken the line only when you get the shape right.


Draw a Halloween Pumpkin 8

Step 8: Draw the stem on top of the pumpkin using a series of curved lines. First draw the sides as two long curved lines, then close the top with a shorter line.


Draw a Halloween Pumpkin 9

Step 9: Draw the nose as a small triangle right in the middle of the pumpkin.


Draw a Halloween Pumpkin 10

Step 10: Draw the pumpkin's eyes as two more triangles above the nose on either side. You can make the eyes bigger or smaller if you'd like. The same thing goes for the jack-o'-lantern's nose.

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