Draw a Halloween Pumpkin 11

Step 11: Draw the top part of the mouth under the nose using a series of lines. Start with the sides of the mouth as short, curved lines, then add the two teeth, which look similar to squares. You can turn the teeth into fangs by making the shapes pointier. Close the section between the jack-o'-lantern's teeth with a curved line.


Draw a Halloween Pumpkin 12

Step 12: Draw the bottom part of the jack-o'-lantern's mouth using more curved lines. Use curved lines for the sides of the mouth and another square-like shape for the bottom tooth.


Draw a Halloween Pumpkin Initial Sketch

That's it! You can stop here for a sketchy look or continue for a more finished look.


Draw a Halloween Pumpkin 13

Step 13 (optional): For a more finished, inked look, carefully draw over the lines with a permanent pen or marker. Once the ink dries, get rid of every pencil mark with an eraser.


Draw a Halloween Pumpkin last

Final Step (optional): Color your jack- o'-lantern any way you want! You can use a mixture of green and brown for the stem. Use light brown to connect the top and bottom ridges with curved lines. Use red-orange to make the shape of the ridge lines wider. Now use regular orange to cover up the rest of the pumpkin.

Continue to add different shades of orange, like yellow-orange, right on top of each other. Push lightly on the pencil at first, then harder to blend all the colors together. You can also color the pumpkin using only orange for a simpler drawing. Add some orange to the sides of the shapes inside. Use some yellow for the jack-o'-lantern's facial features too but leave the middle sections almost blank for a glowing effect.

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